“Booster”: Lottie Locke

The recent “Strangetown Booster” shoot that I ran through FOTO-CLUB gave a small group of photographers the opportunity to photograph four models in my Strangetown Studio and around the Telsen building in which it’s based.

I was more than happy to have an excuse to bring back the gloriously beautiful Charlotte “Lottie” Locke for the event and as it was mid-summer, the light evening meant that we were able to use both natural window-light, studio flash, and ambient light (augmented with our own LED lighting) elsewhere in the building.

Always an utter delight to work with, Lottie managed to cover everything from classic high-key beauty to grungey urban rock-chick in a single evening. Note to self: Book her again soon!

Two Becomes One

This last week has been rather eventful. Not least because I finally moved out of my Jewellery Quarter studio РAlto Studio Рand transferred the whole business to my other studio, Strangetown in Aston.  Alto has been a lovely base for training for the last 18 months or so and I might miss having a base in the Jewellery Quarter but Strangetown has proved to be a much more suitable creative space.

And so it’s onwards and upwards for both FOTO-CLUB (my training business) and my own photography practice. I look forward to this next chapter in my photographic career.