Rapid Descent

Every time I’m doing a Photoshop demo for my students, I like to dig out an image I haven’t used before if possible, just to keep it a bit “fresh” for me as much as anything. This week, I trawled one old hard drive and found a very static image of the lovely Bethanie Stokes which I’d taken during a workshop in Digbeth, Birmingham, a couple of years ago.

I used this image to briefly demonstrate the “quick selection” tool and a couple of the motion filters, settling on the “motion blur” filter to give an impression that Beth was rushing down the steps, sliding the hands down the handrails as I used to do as a  kid. All done in about four minutes so not the finest piece of editing I’ve ever done but for once, I decided to save the image at the end of the session rather than delete it. I kinda like it.

Roseanne Indoors

So once the light dropped to “unacceptably-high-ISO” levels during the “Special Studio Evening” with Roseanne, we headed back indoors for the more usual Studio Evening stuff… namely, studio lighting. In the studio.

So here are a couple of shots from the indoor section of the evening…

A Special Evening With Roseanne

Every few months I select a model that I’ve been wanting to work with and invite them to pose for a group at the studio under the “Special Studio Evening” series of events. On the most recent occasion, my model was the lovely Roseanne who had braved Brum traffic to drive all the way over from Cardiff  at rush hour (not a feat for the faint-hearted).

And the great thing about running these shoots in what we laughingly think of as the British summer is that we can make the most of the early evening light by starting the shoot outside.


Sunshine Sasha

I’ve been working with the wondrous Sasha quite a bit of late, mainly shooting fashion for a clothing brand. Once the “white background” studio shots are in the can we grab a few more “natural” semi-editorial shots either inside the building (when the weather is iffy) or in the surrounding streets of Birmingham‘s Jewellery Quarter (when the weather is good). This little sample were shot using a mixture of daylight and a little splash of fill from my trusty (& cheap) Yong Nuo speedlites.

And finally, as the sun started to get lower in the sky, I chanced my arm with some contre-jour shots with the flash again popping some light into the shadows (mainly on Sasha’s face).