Up Close And Personal: The Beat Goes Bang

Here’s a couple of images of The Beat (Goes Bang) that I shot during their rehearsal at Madhouse Studio in Birmingham. This was a bit of a deam shoot for me. Although I’d photographed a couple of the band members before, this was the first time I’d shot (for example) the Beat’s original and extremely photogenic drummer, the brilliant Everett Morton. This legend of the Two Tone era has the most distinctive drumming style and seeing him play close up reminds one just how much his style influenced the sound of the Beat on their recorded material.

Everett Morton of the Beat

Everett Morton of the Beat

More images of the rest of the band to follow. Eventually.

A Bit More Bond

Some shoot concepts lodge themselves in my imagination for years before I actually get around to making them happen. Such was the case with the “Bondesque” studio evenings that I ran at FOTO-CLUB  recently. I’d long since decided that model Mark Hoban would make a great James Bond  and when I mentioned the idea to him he was very keen to take part. Luckily, the lovely Sasha also agreed to be our “Bond Girl“.

I ran “Bondesque” over two evenings: the first featured Mark (as Bond), and Sasha. The second evening featured Mike, a very charismatic model I’d worked with before as the “Bond Villain” and Liliana (another favourite at the studio) as the other Bond Girl.

I haven’t edited the images yet (it’s been a busy couple of weeks) but I did manage to plan a sort of sequel – this time on location, complete with a car, and again with Mark as Bond. Here’s the details…

The cost is £90 (£75 for FOTO-CLUB members) and before the event had even been added to my website, half the places had been taken. If you’d like to join us, get in touch.