A Swift Harp

I’ve photographed the multi-talented Fran “Poppy Harp” Barsby quite a few times over the last couple of years and last week I had the opportunity to see the performing “harpist” and “event organiser” aspect of her very diverse range of talents.

Fran had organised a harp music event in Digbeth, Birmingham entitled Hidden Gem by The Future Blend Project and I (along with a couple of intrepid members of FOTO-CLUB) went along to record the event photographically.

The guys who arrived early were able to get some great shots of the setting up of the event as well as non-performers trying out some of the fantastic range of harps that were being prepared for the show.

However,  I arrived rather later (don’t ask) but was in plenty of time for the start of the show. What I hadn’t reckoned on, however, was that the concert was being recorded too which meant that our noisy DSLR shutters were messing up the sound recordings even from some distance away. This meant that I didn’t get as many shots of the performance as I would have liked but it was a very enjoyable evening and we were treated to some simply beautiful new compositions and performances. Here are a few shots from the event…

The lady herself - Fran Barsby

The lady herself – Fran Barsby

Boxing Away

Over the last… ooh, quite a few… years now, I’ve been fortunate to photograph some amazing boxing action at all levels, from young amateurs to white collar first-timers to professionals. I owe my introduction into boxing photography to Paul Gough and his amazing team at Priory Park ABC in Dudley, which in turn led to my ongoing relationship with Birmingham’s fantastic white collar gym “Fighting Fit City Gym” (led by Neil Perkins).

I’ve covered many fights but also provided promotional and press images for clubs, promoters and individual fighters. I’m pleased to say that this seems to be growing nicely. However, I’ve decided to push myself and my services a little further afield. After all, even the studio images can be produced on location if necessary.

More Sasha

Here are a few more images from my recent studio shoot with the exquisite Sasha. I have so many shots, you may be seeing a lot more!

Sasha Hatton by David Rann, 2016

Sasha by David Rann, 2016

It might interest photographers to note that I didn’t use flash on one single image from this shoot. Instead, I used just the modelling light and my 50mm f1.4 Nikon lens open to about f2.2. I think this is the first time I’ve done a whole shoot just using the continuous lighting but it won’t be the last. In fact I’m going to continue using just the modelling light until… well, until I get bored of just using the modelling lights. All of the shots are using one or two lights plus a reflector, cunningly propped up using a very Heath-Robinson contraption of my own devising.

Sasha Hatton by David Rann, 2016

Sasha by David Rann, 2016


I met Sasha when she was modelling for the fantastic design brand She By Sophie at my studio. Luckily, she recently approached me about producing a few studio images and I definitely didn’t need to be asked twice.

Sadly, Sasha’s make-up artist cancelled the night before so she had to her own make-up but I’d say she made a pretty good fist of it. What do you reckon?

Sasha Hatton by David Rann. 2016.

Sasha by David Rann. 2016.

Sasha Hatton by David Rann , 2016

Sasha by David Rann , 2016

I’ll be posting more from this shoot. OF COURSE I will! – I have about 400 shots from this shoot that I’m delighted with.


Alicia modelled for a pre-Christmas FOTO-CLUB meet-up. I was very impressed with this young lady.  She has the most amazing eyes! This is one of my favourites from the shoot.