A Night In The Toy Factory

A couple of images of the stunning Lottie Locke from the “Location location location…” series of workshops that I ran with FOTO-CLUB. As with the last image of Emilie Walt, this was also shot in the derelict Victorian former toy factory in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

Emilie Through The Arched Window

This very retro image of our gorgeous regular model Emilie Walt came from week 1 of the FOTO-CLUB “Location location location location location” five week series of location (surprisingly) workshops. This particular location is a near-derelict Victorian building which I’m told was once a toy factory.

There was no mains power and so the only lighting here came from two hand-held LED video lights augmented with a Birmingham City Council streetlight  shining through the window in the background.

Emilie and our other model, Charlotte “Lottie” Locke, braved chilly temperatures, spiders aplenty, and missing floorboards in the name of art.

“Portfolio Booster”

I’ll be posting some images from the recent 5 week “Location Location Location Location Location” course shortly, but here’s the series of workshops that will replace it for the second half of the term. This time we’ll be in the studio each week but with as wide a range of models and genres to work with as you could possibly imagine.