Harping On

When I was asked to do some promo photographs for a harpist, I felt compelled to warn her that my studio is at the bottom of two flights of stairs – I had imagined a huge harp of the sort you see on TV. It was quite a surprise then when she said she’d be bringing two of them. Thankfully, they didn’t quite measure up to my mental image of them, and the harpist wasn’t built like a Russian hammer thrower with one huge harp slung under each arm. Far from it. This is just a small selection from a very productive shoot…

Nope, definitely not quite what I was expecting. But a great fun shoot with a very talented and photogenic subject.

Find out more about Fran and Poppy Harp here




Physical Novel at BOM

This week I photographed more outfits by designer Ricky of Physical Novel. I’ve worked with Ricky many times before but this was the first shoot at my new studio at BOM (Birmingham Open Media). After the usual “white background” shots we had planned to head outside to get some more interesting location images to be headers for his website. Predictably though, the weather was awful and so we made use of the room next to my studio room within the BOM complex. Here are some of my favourite results…

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t remember the model’s name but you can see more of Ricky’s designs (and my photographs of them) here.