Lofty Ideas

Photographing interiors is something I don’t do much of but when a regular commercial client told me he’d developed some loft apartments in Birmingham for short term furnished rentals and the agent had failed to provide any satisfactory images, I was happy to have a go to see if I could do something different.

What made the challenge all the more appealing is that the developer/landlord had furnished each of the apartments in a boutique style using his extensive collection of vintage furniture and objets d’arts.

I used mainly daylight with occasional splashes of low-powered flash to fill shadows as needed in this lovely Victorian former industrial building.


It became clear from my conversation with the client that the images were as much about the details, and the lifestyle “feeling”, as about the fixtures and fittings. Previous images had been very “dark”, he’d told me, so I set about creating as light an atmosphere as possible.

Eventually, it was my images that the developer used.