She by Sophie: Birth Of A Brand

One of the things I love about the photography side of my job is that occasional opportunity to witness the birth of a new brand or business and in a very small way, to contribute to it. Sometimes, I don’t get to see how the images I’ve taken are used but luckily this wasn’t the case when Sophie, creator and mastermind behind new fashion brand She by Sophie, hired me to photograph a wide range of her designs for her (then) soon-to-be launched website.

Sophie's logo

Sophie’s logo

Photographically, these are fairly standard high-key product shots. But what made this shoot more special to me as photographer was working with a great designer and two fabulous models (Jessica and Janelle) on something that I suspect is going to be very successful.

A small screenshot from the website.

A small screenshot from the website.

As always with such shoots, we were under considerable time pressure to get the wide range of styles and colours shot in the booked time and then to return the edited images to Sophie so that they could be incorporated into the new website. I know Sophie has since been racing to get everything finished. But the website looks great and I’m proud to see my pictures on it’s pages.

The lovely Jessica in one of Sophie's designs.

The lovely Jessica in one of Sophie’s designs.

You can see more of Sophie’s designs (and my photos of course) on her facebook page.

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