“Bailey-esque” Charity Calendar Shoot (final part)

One last shot from the “March of the Mods” charity calendar shoot (proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust). This time it’s the “wrap shot” – a team photo of all of the models (including organiser Kate Ross-Kellam), the make-up and hair ladies, and li’l ole me. See if you can spot which one is me (no prizes given).

Order your copy of the calendar at http://www.marchofthemods.com/order-stuff/ – just £5 plus postage.


My First “Published” Photograph..?

During a very rare office tidy-up this afternoon, I stumbled (almost literally) upon this…


It’s a Mod fanzine – or “Modzine” I suppose – from Summer 1984, when I was a fresh-faced 19 year-old hipster who took my beloved SLR along with me everywhere I went, including a gig upstairs at the less-than-salubrious Sandwell Hotel is West Bromwich.

The band was a local combo that I’d seen quite a few times and was on chatting terms with a couple of the members, including bass player Martin “Mart” Blunt (soon to the considerably more successful outfit, join The Charlatans).

I took lots of photos and gave the band copies (that was how we did things in pre-digital days, children). Someone (named as “N. Joel”) wrote this review and used my image. It’s a pretty dreadful picture, admittedly, and not even the best one from the gig (I remember there were others of Mart smashing up his bass, Townsend-style).

Kit? This was shot on a Praktica MTL-5 with the then “kit” lens – a 50mm f1.8 – on cheap colour film. And I also remember that the light meter didn’t work. And that it weighed a ton even with the 50mm lens fitted (I have long suspected that Prakticas were recycled Russian tanks). Anyway, it was the start of a lifetime of photography and now, almost 30 years on, I remember this gig like it was yesterday.


Neo-Bailey (continued)

Here’s another couple of images from the “March of the Mods” charity calendar shoot on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust. Just to remind you (because you’re a regular reader, aren’t you?), a plucky handful of volunteer models came forward to pose for a series of images based on actual classic photographs from our beloved decade of the 1960’s by the likes of Bailey, Donovan and Duffy. 

This first image is of Jacqueline Jones, who was also one of the stylists during the shoot. The second shows Carmen (who conveniently bore an uncanny resemblance to Sandie Shaw)…

We’d be mightily grateful if you could buy one of these calendars! They’re just a fiver (£6.80 incl P&P) and we all worked for free so virtually all of it goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Get yours here – http://www.marchofthemods.com/order-stuff/


Neo-Bailey For Teenage Cancer Trust

With 2014 fast approaching, it is probably a suitable time to finally tell you about a calendar shoot I did quite a few months ago. I was asked by Kate Ross-Kellam, the lady behind the West Midlands’ March of The Mods charity campaign on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust, to create some images for a charity calendar.

I am asked to shoot (or contribute to) several charity calendars a year but because of work/studio commitments, I try to do at least one. As an ex-Mod myself and a big lover of everything Mod-related, this sounded right up my street, not least because Kate was open to the idea of doing something a bit… well, classier… than the usual “calendar girls” style, “February = model with hearts, December = model with Christmas tree” rubbish.

Over a couple of coffees, we came up with the idea of re-shooting some classic 1960’s photographs by the likes of Bailey, Donovan and Duffy, and… sexing them up a bit, where appropriate. Kate managed to assemble a troupe of lovely (if a tad nervous) volunteers, prepared to disrobe for charity. Most were non-models but I also managed to rope in the gorgeous Omie (a naturally Mod-styled model and former Fotofilia regular). Make-up and hair was by Jacqueline Jones (also one of the models) and  Fay.

I obviously can’t show you all of the shots. We want you to buy one, of course! They’re just a fiver (£6.80 incl P&P) and we all worked for free so virtually all of it goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Get yours here – http://www.marchofthemods.com/order-stuff/

In the meantime, here’s my pastiche of David Bailey‘s iconic Mick Jagger image, but featuring Omie (Miss January)…

Omie, and the Bailey/Jagger original

Omie, and the Bailey/Jagger original

A couple more images and a shot of the actual calendar to follow.

She by Sophie: Birth Of A Brand

One of the things I love about the photography side of my job is that occasional opportunity to witness the birth of a new brand or business and in a very small way, to contribute to it. Sometimes, I don’t get to see how the images I’ve taken are used but luckily this wasn’t the case when Sophie, creator and mastermind behind new fashion brand She by Sophie, hired me to photograph a wide range of her designs for her (then) soon-to-be launched website.

Sophie's logo

Sophie’s logo

Photographically, these are fairly standard high-key product shots. But what made this shoot more special to me as photographer was working with a great designer and two fabulous models (Jessica and Janelle) on something that I suspect is going to be very successful.

A small screenshot from the website.

A small screenshot from the website.

As always with such shoots, we were under considerable time pressure to get the wide range of styles and colours shot in the booked time and then to return the edited images to Sophie so that they could be incorporated into the new website. I know Sophie has since been racing to get everything finished. But the website looks great and I’m proud to see my pictures on it’s pages.

The lovely Jessica in one of Sophie's designs.

The lovely Jessica in one of Sophie’s designs.

You can see more of Sophie’s designs (and my photos of course) on her facebook page.