The Celebrity Who Wasn’t

It’s been a busy and varied month: 2 big boxing shows, product shoots, fashion shoots, and the offer of a “celebrity” shoot at The Drum centre in Aston, Birmingham. One morning, I was called by friend and top Birmingham photographer Richard Battye asking me if I could cover a shoot for him. He was unable to do the job because he had a full day’s work booked in the studio. He hadn’t been given any details other than that it was a “celebrity” visit and would happen some time that afternoon.

Sadly, I too was fully booked at the studio all day and so I passed it onto Samantha Davis (are you following all this?). Luckily Samantha could shift her schedule around to attend and was surprised to find that the “celebrity” was none other than the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

So I turned down the chance to photograph the PM. Am I bovvered? Not really. I had a good day anyway. I’m so lucky to enjoy most days doing what I do and it was nice to have the opportunity and then to be able to pass it on, just as Richard had passed it on to me.

David Cameron at The Drum - NOT taken by me.

David Cameron at The Drum – NOT taken by me.