Photoshop Day Cream?

I lifted this jokey pic from a friend’s Facebook page. I don’t tend to post things like this but not only is this quite amusing, but it also has the ring of truth about it. There are people, a growing number of people it seems, who genuinely think that Photoshop is a simple cure-all for everything from the odd pimple to chronic obesity or child-frightening ugliness.

The statement, “It’s okay, you can always Photoshop it, right?” is becoming very familiar. Over the years I’ve been asked to Photoshop dead relatives into wedding photographs (I didn’t) and remove sacked band members from line-up photos (I did). For the record, I am a pretty competent Photoshop user – I even teach it. But it’s important to know the difference between a bit of “tweaking” and unrealistic transformation.

PS. Just found there are lots more of these! Thanks to Wezism for the heads-up –

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